Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 15 May 2006
Country Tanzania (Kisolanza farm)
Weather Sunny
Diary 500 miles in a day is a long way and it is a credit to Tanzanian road engineers that this is possible. Kenyan ones must be employed by the ministry of tourism to keep tourists in the country. What if we plough this road – the mzungu will have to spend at least another 5 days in the country whereas you can be through Tanzania in a flash. “What was that Dad?” “Tanzania, kids” “That was tiny” “No it wasn’t – it was very,.very big” Stayed at a nice place just outside Mikumi National Park and the next morning during teeth inspection Clare said. “Need to clean your teeth again Polly – you’ve got food stuck in them” “Why, are we going to cross a border today?” Tried a bit of RE on the kids. Deep philosophical questions have to be addressed if your soul is to fully develop. ”Ok kids so if Jesus came back today would he drive a Land Rover or a Landcruiser? (Nuns seem to be equally divided as they carve a swathe through the rush hour traffic in Nairobi in a heavenly bubble whilst bouncing pedestrians off their bull bars) “He wouldn’t have a driving licence” says Tess ”He’d be green” chirps Polly. ”Oh so you mean he’d drive something more environmentally friendly like a VW Golf?” I ask. “No, he’d be green …rotten ..he’s been buried a long time" Rev. Norman, I need your help!! KISOLANZA FARM:50kms from Iringa (14th 15th May) Lovely campsite on a tobacco/dairy farm. Fresians puffing away behind the milking parlour. Kids and Clare went for a walk down by the river and came back naked as they had been attacked by huge aggressive ants. Got my faithful “dogstick” out and waited to repel 12 foot ants. Luckily were only actually very, very small ants. We had the set meal on the second night and it was the best food I’ve had for a long time. Wonderful
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