Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 13 May 2006
Country Tanzania (Near Iringa)
Weather Sunny
Diary Because the main road from Moshi to the south is so good the Tanzanians have radar guns. You know the scene you come over the brow of a hill from a 100km area to be confronted by a 30km sign and a policeman holding a radar gun – Bingo…75km in a 30km zone. Police man approaches window with vast in drawing of breath and then whistles between his teeth. … “Is there a problem officer?” This is a 30kph area and you were doing 75kph” “Oh kph? I thought the speed limits were in mph etc etc” “That is the most ridiculous excuse I have heard all day and 75kph is still 45mph” (Oh no that rare beast an intelligent policeman who can work in imperial and metric) “Ok it’s a fair cop guv, I’m most dreadfully sorry” “You should pay 20,000 Tsh (about $18) but you can go – just be careful” Refreshing human policeman like the British police used to be before they became young and ruthless. Off I go with a warm feeling towards the Tanzanian police. PIC SHOWS: CYCLIST GETTING A FREE RIDE UP HILL.
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