Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 10 May 2006
Country Kenya/Tanzania
Weather Sunny & Wet
Diary CROSSING INTO TANZANIA: Strangely this was most difficult border up to this point. Had been told that a transit visa was $20, but the immigration people wanted $30 each. They wouldn’t budge so I had no choice but to release the Clare on them. She managed to get the price reduced, but it took a long time to clear the car and police check etc etc. Got to Masai camp in Arusha after dark in the pouring rain and just couldn’t face putting the tents up in a downpour of biblical proportions so rented a banda for 6 for about $20. The next day a group of well prepared Landcruisers turned up. They were driving from South Africa to Qatar on the SASOL challenge to publicise a new type of fuel. They were complete with Gaz, their British sergeant major “security officer” who was full of interesting tales from Iraq and Nigel Bateson MBE a famous cameraman. They were lovely to the kids and showed them around their impressive communication tent where all the film footage was beamed back to London…amazing!! Kids eyes out on stalks. Stayed with Annie in Moshi near the highest peak in Africa…Mount Kilimanjaro 5896 metres, but it was feeling a bit shy and didn’t emerge from the clouds so the best view I got of it was on the label on the side of a Killimanjaro lager bottle – PIC SHOWS: NICE TIE TESS.
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