Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 20 May 2006
Country Malawi (Kande Beach)
Weather Sunny
Diary LR110CSW writes Well he seems to have learned his lesson from Uganda. He is extremely cautious in mud and water and makes sure my tyres are let down and in low ratio and possibly diff lock before tackling any tricky looking bits. Had a worrying time in the Masai Mara …had a short sighted tusker elephant mistake me for female elephant and had to remove myself sharpish before he could make his erection count. Cross between an elephant and a Land Rover could have been interesting…. a landphant, elerover etc. Had to ask a few elephants to move off the road in the politest possible way of course as they are really big. Had a bit of exploring my rock climbing ability watching lions – couldn’t afford to get stuck and luckily didn’t. Back onto tarmac through Tanzania and had a 500 mile day on smooth, smooth roads although nearly ran over (under) some elephants in the dark….grey elephants against grey tarmac makes them almost invisible. PIC SHOWS: MY LUCKY ESCAPE FROM Mr ELEPHANT!
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