Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 06 May 2006
Country Kenya (Masai Mara)
Weather Sunny & Wet
Diary MASAI MARA: As usual we set off far too late from Nairobi and ended up entering the park as night fell. Passed a herd of elephants at the side of the road and then just managed to stop in time as a cheetah emerged from the bush to cross the track…would have made some interesting road kill, but I can imagine it might be a bit tricky explaining to the Kenyan Wildlife Service how I had come to kill some of their rare wildlife…”Sorry, it wasn’t on a zebra crossing!!”. Camped just outside the park and were up at 5am next morning to get back in time to see everything. All the campsites are run by the Masai who can’t resist trying to sell you anything…”would you like to buy a twig?...A blade of grass?” etc etc. I kept telling them that they could really do with a product as twigs and blades of grass have little intrinsic value. OU could sign them all up for an MBA and then they might even be able to sell twigs and blades of grass. Next morning saw hyenas hunting an exhausted zebra. Tactic seemed to be to tire it out by shadowing it and asking it lots of repetitive stupid questions like “Are we there yet?”
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