Diary Day
tess's Diary
Date 28 Apr 2006
Country Uganda (Nile Safari Lodge)
Weather Sunny
Diary Kenya (Lake Baringo- Eldoret-Uganda) We stayed at Roberts camp at Lake Baringo. Next door there was a swimming pool. It was so hot. The pool was great. Ella gave me rides on her back under the water. There were some other children who lived in Nairobi but they were American. We saw lots of lizards and hippos that were really close. We also saw a croc shoot out from some leaves when two boys walked past. At night 3 ton hippos walked past going munch, munch, munch. Polly was scared of the hippos but didn’t mind watching them from the roof tent. The hippos came out at night because people had gone to bed. The hippos at the zoo are pygmy hippos but the larger ones as big as our car are common hippos. A hippo can eat 110kg of grass in one night! They make grunting pig noises. Hippos have stumpy short legs (like Welsh and British people). After Lake Baringo we went to Eldoret. Mum has been there before to visit my uncles parents when my uncle and auntie were living in Kenya. We stayed at Naiberi river camp. Raj owned it and they were still building it. The bar was amazing. There was a tunnel leading down to the bar which was underground with lots of ponds. It was an excellent campsite. We arrived at Easter and we got a big welcome from Raj’s family. Raj has loads of dogs. Black was like a white polar bear. He was 16 years old and liked sleeping in the kitchen we had under the cooker. Black loved cheese. Ash was the person who stayed there overnight – he was very kind. Tintin was a cute annoying dog who was 6 months old. I also liked Socks who was tiny but sweet. There were about 10 dogs. We went to Raj’s Ken Knit factory. He owned it. We got shown around by a man. The factory was big and interesting. Erin and Suzanne arrived. We also saw chameleon in a tree. We also went to a tea factory which was really interesting. We went to Murchison Falls for an adventure and saw elephants, buffalos, ugandan kobs, hippos,crocodiles etc. Ella had a GREAT birthday!!!
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