Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 27 Apr 2006
Country Uganda (Nile Safari Lodge)
Diary A note on hippos - I am trying to recruit a hippo for Combe Down RFC to replace the first team pack. One hippo weighs more than our first, second and third 15 combined. I have been reading the RFU rule book and although there are lots of rules about the number of foreign players, there doesn’t seem to be anything about hippos. They are the perfect build for prop forwards, short stumpy legs for a low centre of gravity, huge shoulders, imposing tusk like teeth for biting off opponents ears and a nasty aggressive streak when separated from beer (well, water in the hippos case). I’ve just got to get one young enough before they develop an interest in football and want to be the next Ryan Giggs. I could always give them my number 3 Combe Down shirt, might be a little tight in places on me, but I’m sure the hippo would grow into it!
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