Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 27 Apr 2006
Country Uganda (Murchison Falls)
Weather Wet & Dry
Diary Uganda (Murchison Falls) Camped beside the Nile near Murchison Falls. This was named by Sir Samuel Baker (Baker of the Nile) in honour of Sir Roderick Murchison (President of the Royal Geographic Society) in the kind of Victorian orgy of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, fair enough….at least not everything is called “Victoria” although quite a few things are I suppose. “Jolly good show, what?!” On the way we passed Lake Albert (named after Victoria’s husband) and saw the Blue Mountains of the Congo on the other side. We’re not intending going to the Congo as the political and military situation is a little on the dangerous side. Memories of Idi Amin, King of Scotland, subjugator of the British Empire and reducer of Uganda to subsistence level spring to mind. Camped on a bluff near the Nile Safari Lodge, a room is seriously expensive, but the campsite is very reasonable and as usual we seem to be the only people camping….maybe people get wind of where we are going to stay and move on before we can disturb them….or I might just be a little paranoid. Set up the tent as herds of elephants waded out to the island in the middle and joined hippos and waterbuck grazing on the luxuriant grass. I was impressed! The lodge even had a swimming pool complete with Mary “Can I get you anything or would you just like a massage?” A great place to spend Ella’s birthday. She will be 12 tomorrow and is very, very excited by it as are the other kids.
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