Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 18 Apr 2006
Country Kenya (Eldoret)
Weather Sunny
Diary We weren’t really planning to go to Eldoret, but it just happened to be on the way to the Mount Elgon border with Uganda. Clare had been here when she was about 16 in 1898 and Queen Victoria was on the throne and a very different town it was then! In fact, she couldn’t really remember anything about it at all. We stayed at a campsite owned by a real Asian/Kenyan character called Raj. He also helps his family run the Ken-Knit factory (school uniform jumpers and blankets) in town which employs 1600 people in a factory full of British machines from the ‘60’s. We arrived at his “new” campsite about 20kms out of town when he had some of his family over from London to inspect his new resort. It is, without doubt, the best place we’ve camped on this trip so far. A little bizarre having a conversation with his sister after lunch, where she said she was thinking of emigrating from England to South Africa as “the schools are about a third of the price and England just has too many immigrants these days” Raj knew someone who had known Clare’s sister’s father in law many years ago and so before we knew it we had been invited to afternoon tea with a white colonial lady complete with aged black male retainer in a nylon pinny pushing a tea trolley with squeaky wheels with tea and cake at 4pm. What century have I landed in?? PIC SHOWS: KEN-KNIT FACTORY.
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