Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 08 Apr 2006
Country Kenya (Nairobi)
Weather Very wet with a bit of sun
Diary Nairobi. It is really surreal being in a city again. Nairobi has supermarkets, expensive shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, white folk etc etc. All things I used to take for granted, but not anymore. We are staying at a campsite in someones garden (Jungle Junction) which is owned by Chris whose favourite saying is “It’s a jungle out there!” Nairobi has a nickname, given it by the locals, Nairobbery and to judge by the number of white people in prison they must be the reason for the crime wave…or at least I assume that huge walled compounds with razor wire, electric fences, attack dogs, alarms and armed guards must be prisons….It is a bit odd as the guards let the people out to drive their 4X4s down to the malls….maybe for good behaviour? Kids went to see “Ice Age 2” at the cinema and we saw “The Constant Gardener” and now I understand why the film makers didn’t return to Lake Turkhana to show the locals the film….. bit depressing really. PIC IS MARALAL SCHOOL. NOTHING TO DO WITH NAIROBI AT ALL. FOR NAIROBI JUST SEE ALCATRAZ!
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