Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 01 Apr 2006
Country Kenya Maralal
Diary Road completely slgrrgghfrrrtoof again. Land Rover hasn’t seen tarmac since Southern Ethiopia despite being on the “major roads” We arrived at Yare campsite (Home of the Yare camel Derby) after dark and let Clare and the kids go to order dinner whilst I put up the tents. Kids came running back and with breathless excitement reported “Dad, they have bacon and sausages here, and there are some people from Wales in the bar who know Llangollen!!!” Cue an extremely pleasant evening with my first taste of bacon since Greece! The Welsh people turned out to be John and Margaret, main movers behind the Wales/Sambaru Society and absolutely wonderful people who spend nearly all their time and energy promoting cultural links between the Sambaru tribe and Wales as well as raising money and providing help in development of agriculture, healthcare, water provision, education etc etc to this part of Kenya. If anyone has any spare money destined for a charity or any other resources then look them up on their website and send them a cheque. I know the money will not be wasted in this, the second poorest region of Kenya. Max Boyce is a Patron! PIC SHOWS WALES PLAYING LOCAL SCHOOL TEAM! 1-1 FINAL TIME
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