Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 30 Mar 2006
Country Kenya (Turkhana)
Weather Sunny
Diary Up with the Sun and off to Lake Turkhana along some unbelievable hot, dry, volcanic scenery red volcanic rock with the turquoise of Lake Turkhana shimmering in the heat.….like something out of 2 million years BC without Raquel Welch, but with amazing people from the Turkhana tribe who look like nothing on Earth (except they are!). Like being Captain Kirk beamed down to a strange planet. How anyone can live in such inhospitable surroundings is beyond me. Apparently a British film crew and actors were here three months ago to film “The Constant Gardener” The locals are a little disappointed as the film makers promised to return to show them the film, but haven’t as yet. Has anyone seen this film? Surreally enough we found a campsite at a natural hot spring with a….swimming pool. Kids straight in and refused to move for two days.
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