Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 29 Mar 2006
Country Kenya
Weather Sunny
Diary Got as far as Kargi where we were invited to a wedding by Chief David, a jovial chap in charge of administrating 10,000 people of the area. Given juice, invited to dance and made very, very welcome. Lovely people. We left a present in the form of a headtorch with lots of spare batteries as at least this would useful in a village without electricity. As we were leaving Chief David asked if we could give someone a lift as far as “the junction” Turned out to be a woman and her baby. She had been waiting for a lift for two days (road isn’t used much!) She had travelled over 80 miles to the clinic near the village to seek treatment for her sick daughter (malaria) and had managed to get to see a doctor just in time. We bundled them in and headed off. She proved to be worth her weight in gold as we probably would have got lost on the Myriad tracks branching out in all directions in the sandy soil. Her English was excellent except for strangely Kenyan forms like “I need to make a short call” to which Clare replied “Oh, can you get mobile reception here?” but in fact meant Could you stop and let me go to the toilet! Arrived at the “junction” but decided to take her all the way home as we couldn’t really expect her to walk the 6 miles extra. Arrived at her small village and were invited to stay, but decided to bush camp rather than endure a night of inquisitive tribespeople poking and prodding us. Found a lovely spot and got the white wine out of the fridge and cooked pasta and tomato sauce as the sun went down. PIC “Yes, I got my belly by spending thousands on beer…what’s your excuse!”
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