Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 28 Mar 2006
Country Kenya
Weather Sunny
Diary We have been travelling with a Dutch couple in a very well prepared LR 110 called “George of the Jungle”. We have also spent some time with a British couple travelling in an ailing 110 called “Donkey” It is a strange fact that all the Land Rovers apart from ours have names. We have met or heard of “Grommit” a 101 Forward Control, Livingstone (I presume!) a 110 SW, Biggles, Tshukudu etc etc. All I need now is a name for mine…Gladys, Llewellyn, Mrs Prickles have all been suggested and rejected…any good ideas then email me! Anyway, “Donkey” needed to head to Nairobi for some “suspension attention” and we decided to head across west to Lake Turkhana with Erin and Susanne in George.PIC SHOWS: DONKEY, GEORGE AND THE LR WITH NO NAME ON THE GRID AT IMOLA>
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