Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 27 Mar 2006
Country Kenya
Weather Sunny and wet
Diary We stayed at the Jay-Jay centre in Marsabit, complete with conference facilities, Mosque, showers and “flash” (sic) toilets (Our first flush loos for many weeks) Due to the drought the flush toilets were just “flash” and you had to collect a bucket of water from the well to take any kind of a shower. Now I can clean my “main bits” with a bucket of water, but due to my rater large surface area other areas like my feet are often overlooked and remain as rank as ever after two weeks locked in my desert boots. The most surreal thing was walking past the “conference centre” and catching a glimpse of a presentation complete with laptop and beamer…although the delegates were unable to use a loo! Kids have invented a new word to describe the reality of life for animals in this part of the world. Polly made friends with the goat in the Jay-Jay centre, but Ella rather ruined it by saying “Is the goat waiting to be butched Dad?” This has now entered our vocab as we see patient queues of goats, sheep and cows outside the “Beautiful View Butchery” waiting patiently to be “butched” Lambs are not “cute” anymore, but “thin” or “meaty”, butch material according to the kids. Tess is still vegetarian, but it doesn’t seem to have affected the other kids. To my enquiry of “Is the meat fresh?” the kids are not at all phased by the reply “We slaughter every morning sir!”
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