Diary Day
tess's Diary
Date 06 Apr 2006
Country Kenya
Weather Sunny and wet
Diary We went to Mugie ranch after Maralal. It is like a national park but it isn’t owned by the government. We camped at a campsite but it was actually more like a clearing. The man said we would see the elephant coming to drink. We had two nightguards. We lit 2 fires and then it rained really heavily and there was thunder and lightening. We heard the elephants but we didn’t see them because it was so dark. That night I had earache and didn’t get any sleep. I heard hyenas and a lion calling. The man said there was a female lion around there but she was a coward. In the morning the nightwatchman said some buffalo had gone through our camp. At 6 o’clock David who was our guide and tracker came and picked us up in a Landcruiser. We stuck our heads out the top or it . We saw giraffe first and another one behind a tree. That was in like 5 minutes then 2 minutes later we saw 2 ostrich and they had 14 babies that kept poking their heads out of the grass. There were buffalo and warthog as well. We saw the only 2 gerenuks ( a deer with a long neck). They have no chance of breeding them because the male got eaten by cheetahs. David spotted some elephants so we drove off the track to get closer and there were 2 mums and 3 babies . They were huge and brown from rolling in the mud. We drove on and saw 2 big bulls (male elephants). They wanted to cross the road but they walked away and couldn’t decide if they were going to charge or not. The man got out his radio tracker to track the rhinos. He said there were some in the bush but they were scaredy cats. He tracked another. There were ostrich but a bit further on next to a bush was a rhino. He was huge and weighed 5 tonnes Rhinos can’t see well but they can hear well and can smell and are very aggressive. When the rhino walked away we went and tracked the lions. In the end we found them in a grassy area. There were eland (the biggest antelope and good lion food) very close. We saw something move in a bush up ahead! It was a female lion. We went there and saw 4 cubs sitting in the grass. They were adorable! The mum was sitting in the bush with one cub and other lioness with 3 cubs was sitting in another bush. The mum lioness with 3 cubs came out of the bush and she was huge. We left to go back to the entrance and on the way say a really nice giraffe that had a swollen leg. That day we saw a lot of animals. We left to come to Thompson’s falls and we are camping at a lodge that has green grass and the food comes really quickly unlike the Yare Lodge. Last night I spoke to Granny and Grandpa on the phone.
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