Diary Day
ella's Diary
Date 04 Apr 2006
Country Kenya
Weather Sunny & wet
Diary On the way to Mugie Ranch. We saw Eland, the biggest antelope in Africa we also saw gazelles, Impala and waterbuck by the road. We stayed at the ranch campsite. In the night there were “water buffalo and an Elephant wandering around” said the night watchmen. We left to see the animals at six am in a Land Cruiser with Susan and Erin we also had a guide called David. We had been in the park 2 minutes and we saw 2 reticulated Giraffe then we saw ostrich and a big big heard of water Buffalo. I was surprised that Polly wasn’t frightened because she is usually scared of Buffalo, Hippos, Elephants any big animals! Then we drove through the plains trying to spot cheetahs. But we spotted Elephants instead. We were able to get really close to a mother and her baby with out her charging or running away. We saw about 8 Elephants. We also saw a black Rhino he was about 24 years old and weighed 1100kg we also saw antelope and Heartabeast and at the end of the game drive we saw two lioness’ and about 4 cubs!
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