Diary Day
tess's Diary
Date 05 Apr 2006
Country Kenya
Weather Sunny & wet
Diary We left Lake Turkhana to go south to Maralal where they have a camel derby. We stayed at the Yare Club. The owner had just died. They had loads of camels. I think it was 21. We camped there. We met some welsh people, John and Margaret, from South Wales They were doing a lot or work with the Samburu people in Maralal and visited three times a year. The next day they took us in their truck to see the school in a village near Maralal. There were 4 children cramped to each desk meant for 2 children. It was really scruffy and old. Gosh I am lucky to go to school in Britain. We went to the bar and watched animal planet that I could watch forever. The day after that we went to town and watched animal planet while Mum and Dad tried to fix the roof and put the roof tent on the back on the landrover. That night Margaret, John and their friends took us to see some elephants. It took a while to get there and the sun was going down. We drove around a corner and there were warriors looking after the cows and it stank. There blocking the path was a dead stinky elephant. So the first African elephant that I saw was dead. It still had its tusks so it hadn’t been poached. We asked the warriors where the elephants were and they said they had come to drink at the waterhole in the morning. We saw a warrior dance and then we set off search of the elephants. David (one of Margaret and John’s friends) had been chased by an elephant for two hours when he was young. He had to run in zig zags for two hours to get away from it. David went into the bush to see if they were coming and saw 4 adults and 4 babies. We walked to see where they were but Polly and Nye were in the truck frightened. Dad and Suzanne saw them and we headed back to the truck quickly. Polly was crying she was so scared and afraid. David went to check and they had heard us and gone round us. We went back to the waterhole and saw a waterbuck. It was dark so we had to go. We went back in the truck and Ella saw a genet and hares on the way back.
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