Diary Day
tess's Diary
Date 03 Apr 2006
Country Kenya
Weather Sunny
Diary Tess Diary entry Marsabit We are now in Kenya. We entered Kenya with Sam and Mike, Erin and Suzanne. We stayed in a guest house in Sololo for our first night in Kenya. Everyone was peering over the wall to get a look at us! I made friends with a girl whose Mum owned the guesthouse. In the toilet there was a huge cockroach on the door so I decided not to go to the loo. It was a long drop toilet with no water! Sam and Mike are travelling in a 15 year old landrover that is called Donkey and it keeps breaking down. They are from Britain. Erin and Suzanne are from Holland and Erin is very funny – he says he is evil. He is a good story teller as well. They are also travelling in a Land Rover. We travelled to Marsabit together. Because of the drought there were loads of dead cattle. We also saw a jackal. In Marsabit we stayed in an OK hotel but it still didn’t have any running water because of the drought. Sam and Mike decided to go straight to Nairobi to get their car fixed. We were going to go on a longer route with Erin and Suzanne because that way you saw more animals.
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