Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 19 Mar 2006
Country Ethiopia
Weather Sunny
Diary A note on animal behaviour on roads. The Ethiopians say that once a dog, a goat and a donkey shared a taxi and on arrival at their destination the dog paid his share, but forgot his change, the goat did a runner and the donkey paid his fare in full. This is why when a dog sees a car he chases it to get his change. The goat scampers away as fast as possible so he won’t be made to pay his fare and the donkey plods serenely on happy in the knowledge that he owes nothing. This little tale explains the behaviour of the animals, but I would like to add to this tale a note on human beings who can’t seem to remember whether they have paid their fare or not which leads to totally unpredictable actions as pedestrians. PIC: HUNGRY LAND ROVERS CONSUME INNOCENT ETHIOPIAN PEDESTRIANS
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