Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 17 Mar 2006
Country Ethiopia
Weather Sunny
Diary “Come to Ethiopia and leave seven years younger” Before you all start thinking that cosmetic surgery is extremely cheap here, (it probably is) the real reason for this is that Ethiopia still uses the Julian calendar so I can quite honestly say that I am a mere 36 years old and that I only have 2 children with another on the way….who needs a tardis to go back in time. The other quirky thing is the time everything happens here…”What time does the bank open in the morning?” I ask. “2 o’clock “is the reply. Visions of nocturnal gnomish bank clerks counting money by candlelight are dismissed as it is explained that the Ethiopian clock starts at seven in the morning (when the sun rises) and finishes at seven in the evening (12 o’clock Ethiopian time) when the sun goes down….yes, perfectly logical for a person from a country which measures distances in miles, sells beer in pints etc etc. I vote that the European Union could devise a fiendishly difficult system of weights, time and measurements based on Ethiopian time, Cricket and British measurements! PIC SHOWS THE RAWLINGS FAMILY OUT FOR THEIR EVENING STROLL
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